Teen Power Girl Group Carizma debut first single, “Haga Gheir”


Three piece – Nour, Rana and Shireen release first single with Sony Music Entertainment Middle East

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Brought together through their passion and talent for music, Carizma have released their explosive debut single and music video “Haga Gheir”. The teen girl power group consists of three young singers and songwriters, 21 year-old Rana Ahmed (Egypt), 20 year-old Nour Aridi (Lebanon) and 15-year old  Shireen Abu Saad (Lebanon).

The group was formed following a regional search for talent – Clean & Clear’s #Sing4the5 competition. Since then they have formed an inseparable bond following a summer of writing, recording and filming in Beirut.

Carizma represent a growing generation of young women keen to express themselves creatively and celebrate sisterhood through music.

The smash hit “Haga Gheir” was written and composed by Salim Assaf, recorded, produced and filmed in Beirut by the Sony Music team. The song followed lengthy writing sessions, where each girl brought their own personal passions and experiences to play. The song lyrics give off sentiments of peace, love, unity and empowerment. The Lebanese and Egyptian dialect fusion and oriental twist make “Haga Gheir” a fun track that you can blast almost everywhere.

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